Priests Prayer Community of Father Venance 6-9/33

It is a prayer of priests for each other, every day, taking only 33 seconds (33 years Jesus Christ the Most High and Eternal Priest lived on earth).

Why ‘6-9 p.m.’? ‘From six o’clock, darkness engulfed all the earth until nine o’clock…'(Mt 27:45).

We are often alone, we experience gloom and darkness in our priestly life. We experience difficulties, misunderstanding and sometimes even rejection. We are also affected by crises. ‘The Priestly Prayer Community of Father Venance 6-9/33’ desireses to unite priests every day in a common prayer for each other, at a certain time of day, between 12:00 and 3:00 p.m. Only 33 seconds in a day is enough – the prayer is Our Father… Hail Mary… Glory to the Father… In addition, twice a year – in spring and fall – a retreat for priests in the spirit of Fr. Venance Katarzyniec is organized.

Join us!

For more information and contact:
Fr. Edward Staniukiewicz, OFMConv,
Custos of the tomb of Fr. Venance Katarzyniec in Calvary Pacławska,
tel. 532 076 902,