The selections below were placed in the first biography of Fr. Venance Katarzyniec:

‘I cannot contain within my heart, that which I have received with God’s help on account of Fr. Venance. I’m not even worthy of such a great grace!

A tumor opened in the middle of my hip. The pain tormented me so much that I couldn’t walk. Humanly speaking, it would be impossible to go without a medical operation, and the very thought of a doctor made me tremble from shame – I did not even admit it to my parents, and only when they asked I said that I was weak and could not walk.

In my affliction, I went to ask Fr. Venance; it was difficult for me to kneel, but somehow, I knelt down and took his picture in my hands, pressed to my heart and asked:

– Father Venance, you who know the embarrassment of girls, ask this grace for me, me an unworthy girl!

And so, I cried, and put all my trust in him, vowing that if he asks this grace for me, I will write of it in his biography.

I received what I asked for without using any medical attention: on the third day I could walk freely, I had no idea how good Father Venance was. From then on, I have entrusted my whole life to his care– may it be for the greater glory of the Lord Jesus and His dear Mother!’

Victoria K

‘I am offering the news that my friend’s eyes were treated for three months, and nothing medical helped her. Finally, she went with her request to Fr. Venance and after a week her eyes were healed. She promised to offer a Mass of thanksgiving which was celebrated in Krakow by the Franciscans.

I am adding a second incident. A close relative of mine had not been to confession for two years. I entrusted this to Fr. Venance and she confessed at the Easter time.

May it all be for the greater glory of God, the Blessed Mother, and to the honor of Fr. Venance, to whom I entrust my care.’

Zofia Listwan

‘(…) I was with certain people who gave public scandal by their lives for nine years. I recommended them to Father Venance, and I said in spirit:

Father Venance, you see the wrongfulness being carried out to the Lord Jesus! Ask for this grace, that the scandal would end!…

I am indebted to Father Venance that I have received this grace, because they are now entering into a marital state.

I give greater glory of God, our Blessed Mother, and in honor of Father Venance, and I entrust myself to him for my entire life and trust in his help.’

Maria Pacyga

‘Out of gratitude to God and Fr. Venance for recovery of health and for cause, I describe the course of my illness, which is as follows.

Beginning in August 1923, I suffered from pains in the stomach area. Since the illness developed further, I went to Dr. Markiewicz for advice, who after examination judged that it was a peptic ulcer and announced that the illness was severe: you need to lie a few weeks in bed, eating nothing, except for a little milk. After following the diet, I called on the doctor again. He said it was a little better and even allowed me to eat light dishes. That’s how I survived for a few weeks. But despite following the regulations and the use of medicines by the referred physician, the pains persisted, but they became more and more difficult to bear, especially after eating food and even after drinking milk.

I went to the doctor again, and this time he himself was disturbed, giving me a new prescription, he said:

-If that doesn’t help, we must take other measures.

I suppose he meant surgery.

The same day in the evening I was in the church of the Franciscans, where I heard the conversation of one of the friars that Fr. Venance, who died two years ago, had already performed several miracles. At the same time, the thought came to me that I too could be healed on account of Fr. Venance. So, I decided not to buy the medicine, but to recommend it to him.

The next day after receiving the Lord Jesus, yesterdays though returned to me. I began to pray earnestly, asking the Lord Jesus to heal me through the intercession of Father Venance.

That same day I didn’t feel any more pain but wanting to make sure I started eating all the foods which were strictly forbidden by the doctor, even meat.

Two months have already passed, and I feel completely healthy. For which may God and Fr. Venance be thanked.

So that what I write is more reliable, I present as a witness to Sr. Superior of the Tertiaries Natalia Frankowska, who was present at the examination of the doctor and followed the entire course of my illness.’

Joanna Kaniewska

‘Out of gratitude to God and Our Mother of Perpetual Help and Father Venance for recovery of health by his intercession, I describe the course of my illness, which is as follows.

Since the month of September 1923, I suffered from very nagging skin disease. I went right away to Dr. Kozerski, who after examining told me that it was eczema. He recommended that I keep a strict diet, forbade me from bathing, I could only wash myself with spirits, and so I endured for several months. However, nothing helped me, so I went to Dr. Ostowski at the dermatology clinic. The new doctor allowed me to eat and bathe, even often, which I was happy to hear. But after every bath, I felt worse and within a month it got worse. I was discouraged from doctors, stopped treatments, but I did not stop suffering. Then I started doing only that which had been recommended but nothing helped. Once again, I tried the help of a homeopathic doctor Mr. Hnatkiewicz; After examining me, he informed me that this disease would last a long time – you need to maintain a strict diet and avoid bathing. I started to follow medical advice and regulations faithfully, although it was difficult for me because I had to use three types of medicine, each hour a different one. After a few weeks of such treatment, I realized that it was not helping me. I went to the hospital to be able to follow medical instructions more easily: I received a thorough examination, all the analysis was taken from me and every day something else was used – and everything in vain… After six weeks, I left the hospital with worse health than before, and the professor of the clinic Dr. Franciszek Krzyształowicz told me that the treatment was over for now; I know what he meant: that I would not be cured. On October 14, 1924, I left the hospital, and on the 27th of this month I went to a doctor at the Hospital of the Child Jesus. For now, I began to improve, I was able to sleep peacefully through the night, but I could not do anything: for when I would wet my hands with water, I was terribly irritated – and so it was until the month of April 1925.

I complained to a certain person (it was Rozalia Napiórkowska) that I was suffering terribly, and that despite the treatment nothing helped, and she instructed me to pray to Fr. Venance. I didn’t pay much attention, because from the beginning of my illness I prayed to various saints for health, as long as it was according to God’s will, and since It did not improve for me, I was convinced that apparently my recovery was not God’s will. Nevertheless, after a few days, I began to pray the Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Help through the intercession of Fr. Venance and after nine days… I felt almost healthy. Without any treatment I improved, and when I couldn’t survive without medication a single day before, I feel good now. I can also bathe without harming my health.

To make what I write more reliable, I include Victoria Bojanowska, Anna Pączkiewicz and Czesława Dabrowska, with whom I stayed from the beginning of my illness.’

Władysława Dabrowska

On 31 July I sent a banknote for ten zlotys to the Knights of the Immaculate, in gratitude for graces received. Arthritis, from which I suffer, badly affected my head: for two weeks I had aches and pains so terrible that one eye was completely slanted; I saw everything double, I saw people with two heads, it was difficult for me to read or write.

I had seen a few doctors, but they told me they weren’t sure if it would pass.

I was terribly worried about being a burden to the Congregation, since without seeing, what could I do?… Truly, despair overwhelmed me at times!

When I was with the Sisters in Warsaw, I got a holy card of Fr. Venance. I asked him to intercede for me to Mary Immaculate.

And a few days later my eyes improved: I am now reading and writing without difficulty – maybe God will let me recover completely. Anyway, as it is, I can already work.

The terrible dizziness also subsided, with which I could not stand up.

For everything, may the Lord God, the Blessed Mother, and Father Venance be ever praised!’

Sister Teresa

‘We wish to fulfill the promises we made to Mary Immaculate, venerable Father Raphael Chyliński and the venerable Father Venance.

We searched for an apartment for nine months, and we were denied everywhere. We prayed fervently to the Immaculate and Her Perpetual Help, and waited day after day to find a roof over our heads. Even though our situation was bad, we were comforted by hope – but in the last months there seemed to be no way out.

However, we have doubled our prayers by adding a request to the venerable Father Raphael, so that if it is God’s will, he would the Lord Jesus and the Immaculate, even a little niche, as our strength was failing… To this prayer, we added novena to the venerable Father Venance, and promised that if he would hear us, we would publish a thank you in the Knight of the Immaculate, so that everyone would see that trusting prayer does not go in vain.

Somehow, in the first days of prayer to the venerable Fr. Venance, we got an apartment without any difficulty, and it’s better than we thought and on a small income.

After a while, one of us fell ill: the illness was difficult and serious. Without much waiting, I recommended her to the care of the Immaculate through the intercession of Father Venance, and on the same day she was already better, and the next day the danger had completely passed.’

P. and A. H.
Readers of ‘The Knight of the Immaculate’